What happened here recently?
Nine hundred and ninety-nine years ago a creature called Leviathan plagued the old world. The Wall which held all the horrors and nameless gods at bay fell. Darkness ruled over the land.
The people fled the old world using the Star Gem, one hundred feet tall and installed in ancient Dwarven ruins which had been summoned to the surface. Nearly one billion people fled the country from Wall all the way to the Silver Mountains and arrived in a new land; one free from the nightmares Leviathan had brought. No one from that time still lives, however some still dream of a land shrouded in darkness and ruled by monsters.

At first, the refugees banded together in a peace like no other, borne of such a disaster. They created a makeshift city called Exodus. Then of course, fractures appeared and curious souls started to explore the realm. It was ruled more by monsters than people and many people remained in Exodus which grew more and more fortified. The city spread and grew, councils rose and fell. Old orders remained or remade themselves.

What should I be on the lookout for?
The city of Exodus has more space than people for now, being a home for all who entered the new land at first, even though most of them have left to create their own lives. Some neighbourhoods are devoid of people and abandoned for years. The denser neighbourhoods have found crowds and solidarity safer than expanding into the unknown spaces. Children play in tiny forts now absorbed by the city’s first great expanse. Canals pepper the side closest to the coast and on the other side it stretches up hills and cliffs. Knights roam the streets, looking for wrongs to put right or illusory enemies of their rulers. Thieves live in communities in and under the city.
The centre of the city still has the base of the mount where the Star Gem once was, reaching out into the sky and absorbed by Exodus’ rapid expansion. The Field of Ancestors is a vast space carved out by the founders for those beloved family members who could not make it out of Wall in time.

What here is not what it appears to be?
What happened to the portal which took your ancestors from Wall? Who really rules Exodus and what goes on in those empty neighbourhoods? Why are the creatures from Leechwood flocking to Verdant and what chaos will they bring?

What is about to happen?
Play to find out.

Dungeon World: Exodus is coming soon.

In the meantime, have a look at the section on Verdant in the wiki.

There will also be some posts on the forum with influences and a few other bits and pieces.

Dungeon World: Exodus

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