Dungeon World: Exodus

The Destruction of Lasseska and the Order of the Yellow Rose

For as long as anyone can remember there have been elves in Lasseska Quint. The entire district was a great forest with massive trees and structures build out of the forest itself.
The order of the Yellow Rose, Hospitaller knights sworn to aid all and defenders of the defenceless and devout followers of the goddess Amber have been in Verdant for many centuries.

Three years ago both were destroyed.

One warm autumn night, a star fell upon the capital of Lasseska, killing hundreds. Every knight of the yellow rose, rode to give aid and comfort to the elves. Many other towns and cities in neighbouring districts sent help to Lasseska to aid the elves.

Within a few days, ‘the change’ began. Strange creatures, assumed to be an aberration of nature started appearing in what was left in the elven forest and attacking refugee camps. The plants trees and animals began to change and die. The elves assisted by the knights began to fight this new enemy. Many more of the elves were killed as their own land turned against them. Aid convoys turned and fled, bringing elves with them. But the knights stayed to give what aid they could.

The knights of the yellow rose sent most of their forces, their greatest knights, to the starfall to confront and purge this evil. Sir Lesassier renowned knight and heart of the yellow order, veteran of a hundred campaigns. Lady Aimory the oldest knight and priestess of Amber whose healing powers could cure any injury and any sickness, left retirement to join this final battle. Sir Odson a knight so intune with the goddess that he became formed of pure Amber, and commanded it to flow with great power. Lasy Turold the one eyed archer whose could see more with a single eye than twenty men with two eyes, a master of speed and cunning.

The last elven survivors reported such horrors as have never been seen before in any province. Birds with giant mouths in their chests which can tear a man to shreds, hollow men whose hands can tear through flesh and bone. And leading them, demon god Rath, a 15 feet tall, dragon man.

Seeing the creature, Sir Lesassier gave the command to fallback, but the knights instead stood together to face the host.

None returned.

Sir Odson was the first to fall, his amber body torn to pieces by the hollow men, the power of Amber unable to overcome such evil. As he died he used the last of his Amber to destroy dozens of creatures.

Then fell Lady Aimory. Having trying to save Sir Odson, turning her own arm to Amber, she gave Sir Lesassier her own weapon when his was lost. She knelt and offered prayers of support until the hollow men tore her to pieces. With her dying breath she drove her amber arm deep into the ground and it turned into amber sapling, giving a spot of light in the darkness.

Lady Turold was far to swift to be caught by such creatures. Aided by her many shadows, the Banshee’s, she shot past to reach starfall itself. What she found nobody knows, but she has never been seen since.

Sir Lesassier was far too strong armed and strong hearted to be challenged by lesser creatures, he fought demon god Rath, man to demon. With his weapon breaking upon the creature’s skin he fought on with Lady Aimory’s hammer and when that was destroyed too, he refused to give in. Only when Rath used his massive blades to cleave Sir Lesassier to pieces did the great knight breath his last.

The few surviving elves fled Lasseska to any neighboring district. Only a few hundred of the elves made it to Verdant. And even less knights. Of the remaining knights, many died of their wounds or corruption, some went mad from the horrors they saw and killed themselves, others have vanished. There is but one knight of the yellow order left in Verdant, a troubled and lonely figure, scarred in body, mind and soul.


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