Sir Odson

The Mystic


Born in the swamps of Verdant, Sir Odson was found by priests of Amber and went on to receive the blessings of the deity. They are able to attune crystals to themselves and freeze enemies in magical amber. They are a good adviser, but often viewed as horrendous and strange in their appearance.

Strength +2
Dexterity -1
Constitution +1
Intelligence +0
Wisdom +0
Charisma +1

Boost: This is epic. When you narrate some real side of a van style fantasy madness for your special attack, Hold 1. You may spend this hold to gain +1 forward on a roll after making it, or to gain 1 XP at the end of the session.

Special Move (once per session) – Amber’s Blessing
When enemies are closing in on you, Sir Odson may focus all their remaining magic into a single attack targeting several of them. Roll + Str. On a 10+, all enemies are frozen in place for now. On a 7-9, half of them are frozen for now. On a 6 or less, Amber can no longer hear you.
You will no longer have your magic for the scene.

Death Move
When you die, explode in several crystalline shards, taking out nearby foes and innocents.
Decide; Will Sir Odson become a monster of corrupted crystals, or will they become a living shadow?

Gear: Staff-Mace, robes, all kinds of weird magical accoutrements, warhorse.

Remember, this is a doomed mission. Be awe-inspiring, be a hero, but die and die powerfully.

Man, woman, ambiguous, concealed, or transgressing.
Vintage robes, casual robes, utility robes, or showy holy outfit.
Handsome face, gorgeous face, stern face, fine-boned face, worn face, or crooked face.
Cool eyes, hooded eyes, hard eyes, sad eyes, cold eyes, or pale eyes.
Slim body, pudgy body, stocky body, solid body, tall body, or strong body.


Sir Odson

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