(Fight the) Goodfight


Naive, keen, manga hero, 16 years old. It is probably his fault.

Goodfight and his family (Mother Care and sister Hope fled to Exodus after their town was raided by a warband of orcs. He had formerly been in training to become a disciple of the elements, according to the faith of his people, who venerated the classical four elements, but his powers were insufficient to save his father or his people.

Fleeing to Exodus, they settled in the Emerald Quint, where his mother and sister found homes and occupations readily. He struggled with both, as his chaotic and wayward spirit found it difficult to integrate with the city’s ordered ways.

Under heavy prompting from his mother, he signed up for the recruitment process for the Order of the Eternal Light, but had an unfortunate incident in his final test. Despite showing promise in his training, he manifested his powers telekinetically instead of psionically, and had the capacity to cause actual harm.

Disgraced and dishonoured, and with an ‘I don’t need them anyway’ attitude, he tried out for a little mercenary work before signing up (through a tavern punch-up) with the crew of Captain Urit Morca, who is the father figure he desperately needs in his life. This is an awful decision, and he has picked a terrible person to look up to – a pirate and a scoundrel.

On an adventure to rescue his sister from innocent-scarificing chain-cultists, he butted heads with Holden Luck about whether it’s okay to fight and kill bad people. It remains to be seen whether Holden will manage to convince him, but this is merely the beginning of Goodfight’s journey…


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